Our Story

What We Offer

We believe in warm welcomes, and provide a comfortable and relaxed environment. Our customers have talked about the irressistible food, service, affordability, enjoyment and friendly place. Locals often eat here. The Lunch Buffet is very popular among the working people during lunch breaks, as they have to eat fast and get back to work. The Lunch Buffet is freshly cooked and refilled as it often attracts big groups and line ups. The servers are well educated about our Indian food and can assist you in choosing from the menu according to your taste. The Wine list is available to match your menu choice. We’re sure you’ll love it here and will keep coming back.


About the Owner

The Owner ,Ashok Taygi of Royal India , has been in the restaurant business for over 15 years. He has always been enthusiastic and had love for food. He followed his ambition from a very young age. He started from scratch and today is one of the most popular people in the food industry. He is well known in his Indian community for his free services.Ashok Taygi travels every year to India at his home town to host his FREE Eye Camps only for the poor and needy people in rural areas of Delhi, India. He collects his own contributions from his sales in restaurant. His local clients also support this project. He loves to cook and train his chefs himself. He likes to invent his own creations in the Menu. He likes to entertain people in the front dining room. Frequently, he is seen greeting, welcoming guests at the door.